API Banking
Application Programming Interface (API) Banking is a suite of simple, secure, smart interfaces for the bank’s corporate customers and partners. As there is a growing demand for simpler and accurate transactions from corporates that go beyond what automated file transfers can offer, each interface is carefully designed to enable a deep integration between your systems and your partners. The suite includes a user interface for your business and operations teams to configure the behaviour of services (Service Center), a monitoring dashboard for operations and support staff (Surveil), a testing tool with pre-baked test plans for quality assurance (Okay & Ditto), and a deployment tool for your change management teams (Enwrap).

Accelerating Banking Industry Transformation with API

API Banking powered by Quantiguous Solutions has grown significantly in the last 2 years. One thing has remained the same from the beginning. We are consistently meeting our customers’ needs and are playing an important role in driving digital banking transformation.
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